chip-buttyIf you’ve ever been to a British pub and haven’t heard of a chip butty, we would be shocked. Due to its carb-on-carb nature, a chip butty has become known as a proper sandwich for those who have had a little bit too much to drink. However, once you get past the strangeness of the whole thing, you come to the realization that it’s really quite delicious after all.

So you might be wondering, what is a chip butty? Well, considering that “chips” are what an American would call “french fries” and “butty” is just an English way of saying “sandwich.” Simply put, a chip butty is like a french fry sandwich.

All that is needed to concoct one of these indulgent sandwiches is white bread, (generously lathered with butter) and a good amount of thick-cut chips. It’s up to you to decide if you’d like yours the plain, traditional way or if you’d like to add a little something extra. Some of the more popular choices in topping would be ketchup, vinegar or some nice English brown sauce.

For some, a sandwich like this may be a bit frightening to say the least. However, for those who have tried it, we’re sure it’s hard to remember life without ever having tasted it! Without a doubt, the chip butty leaves a lasting impression!