go_brit_pieMany Americans are familiar with the famous dish called “shepherd’s pie,” but are you actually aware of what it is or where it truly came from? Despite being such a seemingly simple dish, shepherd’s pie actually has a long history of uncertainty. It seems that just about everyone has their own interpretation of the specifics of this dish. From its origin to the ingredients, chances are, one out of five individuals will give you a different answer.

For one, if you do any research on the dish, you’ll most likely come across dozens of articles – one claiming its Scottish origin and another claiming it got its start in Northern England. Every once in a while, you may even come across someone who is most certain that shepherd’s pie was created in the hills of Ireland. So where do we land on this? I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble figuring it out!

Then there’s the age-old disagreement on the proper ingredients to use in a shepherd’s pie. Depending on where you grew up, the answer can take many turns. You see, originally, shepherd’s pie was a way to use any leftover meat you may have had on hand. In the end, the three most popular meats used became beef, lamb and mutton. Now regardless of which meat you decide to go with, one thing that all variations of this dish have in common is that they’re all filled with a delicious combination of vegetables and baked in a mash potato crust.

We all may have our own opinions on the specifics of the dish but the one thing that we can all surely agree on is the fact that this delicious meal has become one of the age-old classics in comfort food all over the world!

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