sidesIn fish and chip shops across England, when buying your fish and chips you will be offered a side serving of mushy peas. Many Brits think mushy peas are the essential accompaniment to fish and chips and can’t imagine eating fish and chips without the peas. But what exactly are mushy peas, how are they made and what gives them that bright green color?

The basics

Mushy peas are not your usual garden-grown variety. They’re made from marrowfat peas, a bigger and rounder sort. To be sure, marrowfat peas stay in the ground longer than normal garden peas.

The process

Mushy peas are dried and later plumped by soaking them in water overnight. Once they are softened, they are boiled in a large pot with salt and a spoonful of sugar until they turn into a thick soup. The peas can then be canned and stored or frozen in portions to be defrosted as needed. Often they’re colored artificially as they’re more grayish than green.

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