The media reviews just keep getting better and better. In her April 26 Second Helping blog, News Journal restaurant critic/food writer Patty Talorico described her appreciation for go fish!: “I’ve long been convinced that Alison offers the best fish + chips in Delaware. Indeed, I think she has some of the best fish + chips I’ve ever eaten.”

When she checked out go brit!, she was sold: “This batter is so terrific. It’s light, crunchy, wonderful. The fish is moist. Just as good as the Rehoboth location.”

And she topped it with a brilliant kicker: “We don’t have royals here in the states, but I do think Alison (Blyth) should be crowned Queen of Fish + Chips.”

Yes, we’ll take the title on Alison’s behalf. Long live the Queen of Fish + Chips!

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